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Deposit 1% of holdings in wex to the above mentioned article so that I can return your money back, I'm not in a position to tell why I am asking for 1% of funds,

Db Server and Backup servers are deleted by some people who are working with WEX to gain something out of it, I can't disclose who they are and most Funds are blocked in Binance and HitBtc, I'm asking for 1% of your funds because many people here will try to manipulate screenshots or try to convince themselves as real person so kindly send all your balance history from your registered mail to the below mentioned mail address

Kindly attach Screenshot of BALANCE PAGE

Don't forget to send 1% of funds, it makes sense to you  all afterward when I disclose all information about the situation.

 BTC: 1NoatvrzgFaPjdfQC6YmjpiLkHvsETrXQQ 

ETH : 0xDf6f86Ef5dC01eeC1F878bd0fFf803e1bee36c07

 LTC: LVJMa4MbvYwN2FNkkM5LXBngXncuhZfzPd

 USDT: 1Cgt13n29dwZp12PqdMZohkhgDQHumsaYB 

ZEC: t1gd48nri5YnA3VQ9c6LZnDjw5Wb32mNfgY

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