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Dear users! I have been working on exchange return but I have a lot of problems in sorting out the exchange. Please bear with me I assure you in returning your funds back I hold WEX funds, but I lost user database so I can't sort this situation out so send me your BTC or ETH address and Proof of Funds so that I can send funds to you. For Faster withdrawals send 1% of your total holdings to below mentioned address BTC: 1NoatvrzgFaPjdfQC6YmjpiLkHvsETrXQQ ETH : 0xDf6f86Ef5dC01eeC1F878bd0fFf803e1bee36c07 LTC: LVJMa4MbvYwN2FNkkM5LXBngXncuhZfzPd USDT: 1Cgt13n29dwZp12PqdMZohkhgDQHumsaYB ZEC: t1gd48nri5YnA3VQ9c6LZnDjw5Wb32mNfgY

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