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How to use two-factor authentication?

To protect your account with two-factor authentication, please, do the following:

1)     Download Google Athenticator app or a different app for the main platforms ssuch as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Java: 



In this example we will use Google Authenticator .

2)     Create a key in the Security section of your profile on the website.

3)     Activate Google Authenticator on your gadget and scan the *QR  code.

4)     After scanning the QR code Google Authenticator will generate one-time passwords every 30 seconds.

5)     Enter your one-time password.

After that you will have to enter your one-time password every time you enter the account and (or) withdraw funds from your account.

Before confirming the creation of the key make a backup of the QR code or a key to avoid problems in case you have an issue with losing/rebooting your telephone. You should make a backup at an external storage such as a USB flash drive.  

You can read more detailed information about two-factor authentication here:

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